“We wanted a software that was easy to use, that would evolve, that would respond to our needs and that could reflect the diversity of our different stores. Of course, it should also be possible to connect our stores and we also appreciate the fact that there are access points for suppliers. All this was important for us, because up to now the health food trade was rather casual in comparison to the conventional food retail trade.”

Denis Schulz
Purchase & Procurement / Category Manager

Customer Story

After some years of working with Excel, photos from a camera and a sample rack (fixture) in a store, we took the next steps towards a "Professional Category Management (CM)". The first employee took a CM course at GS1 and learned how to work with a planogram software. This was in 2015/2016 and so we talked extensively with different software vendors and finally, from our point of view, we stayed with the best software with the best price/performance ratio and decided to go with Quant at the end of 2016.

Today, we can create an individual planogram for every shelf, regardless of size, width and height, and for every store. Nothing is impossible and we know 100% which products are placed where. The informative value is relevant for all evaluations and is of utmost importance for future decisions. Local planograms can be created in this way and thus we can offer the customer on site a range of goods tailored to the location.

At a Glance

  • Customer since 2016
  • 60 stores
  • 550 m² is average store size
  • Around 8 000 articles in the large stores

Favourite Feature

Possibility to create local planograms based on sales data


  • Store specific planograms
  • Opening new stores using Quant
  • Gaining new customers
  • Integration of automatic data transfers from multiple sources like Bio Company ERP and DataNature
  • Increase in sales and increase in the category turnover