09. 11. 2021

BENU has chosen Quant for Space & Category Management

Slovak BENU has chosen Quant as a new software solution for space & category management. BENU is part of Europe's largest pharmacy network and the demands on the software for creating planograms, managing layouts of individual stores, communication and reporting were naturally very high.

We are very pleased that our solution was chosen also due to the excellent long-term references on Quant's operation in other pharmacy networks.

During the pilot phase, we successfully migrated key data including existing planograms from the previously used system. The huge advantage was that the category management team knew exactly what they wanted to achieve and how the new solution would help them improve the efficiency of their existing processes.

From our side, it was enough to train the user especially in the management of planograms, which was missing in the previous solution, and to recommend optimal workflows so that the original solution could be completely replaced by Quant within the required timeframe.

We look forward to a long-term cooperation and welcome BENU to the Quant family.

“The cooperation with the BENU team is great thanks to their professionalism, clearly defined goals and great willingness to learn new things and procedures. The fact that Quant is now used by two of the largest pharmacy chains makes us very happy. We see the importance of pharmacy care and we are happy to be able to contribute to its efficiency.”

Petr Kavánek, CEO Quant Retail