13. 08. 2019

Dr.Max presented comprehensive use of Quant

Dr. Max and QuantAt Quant Workshop, Dr. Max Czech Republic presented how the category management software integrates processes in a pharmacy network across different departments.

We are very pleased that Quant has proven to be a tool sufficiently comprehensive to integrate processes within the framework of the entire network and even external suppliers. This is the reason why the number of users exceeded 1,200. A majority of them use only the web application where full-valued information is available.

Let us have a detailed look at the functionalities that are important for individual sectors:


The Quant's primary task is the creation of planograms for pharmacies.  Each pharmacy has access to its planograms via the web application that automatically highlights changes in every new planogram.

Planogram for a pharmacy on Quant WebQuant Web


Quant Web Planograms are always created specifically for a given store based on the sales of products realized by a specific pharmacy. Only products that should be placed are selected for the pharmacy's planogram from one general-purpose template. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to positively influence and manage the warehouse stock.

Pharmacy Specific PlanogramStore Specific Planograms


In addition to planograms, stores can find SELs for the entire range of products in the web application. Read more about this functionality in a blog post focused on SELs.

High quality communication requires various tools such as a possibility to publish blog posts, send information to individual stores via chat or acquire quick and structured feedback using a poll.

Regional Managers

Regional Managers appreciate in particular the access to floorplans and planograms as the application is also available on mobile devices.

Detailed analyses of individual categories in the pharmacy that help optimize the range of products available for a given region and a given pharmacy are invaluable in terms of results improvement.

Technical Department

The Technical Department really appreciates the information what equipment should be prepared and where.

Thanks to the possibility of uploading to the application detailed information on the exact arrangement of shelves, baskets and other special requirements, the process of preparation for technical modifications in pharmacies can be optimized.


Purchasing Department

Quick expansion of a business requires a correct identification of items for newly opened stores and first supply of products which is easy thanks to detailed reports.

Space and Sales Shares Analysis

Among other things, the Purchasing Department is responsible for the selection of ranges of products for individual pharmacies as well as the chain as a whole. Therefore, it needs information on placement and sales regarding individual items, brands, etc. to have relevant information for decision-making. 

3D pharmacy

Quant offers many visualization methods of analytical data such as standard sheets, charts, highlighting or 3D heatmaps of the entire pharmacy.


The Marketing Department has acquired unique photographic documentation of all marketing-related items available in all pharmacies. 

Thanks to detailed measuring and taking photos of all stands, posters, shop windows and walls, a unique database of information on the conditions of all pharmacies has been compiled. 

Localization of individual elements in the pharmacy is depicted directly in the floorplan, which means that it is easy to verify the exact situation at any store. In addition, it is important that this task can be implemented in a structured way allowing the ascertainment of the number of items of the required specific marketing material that needs to be ordered within a few seconds.


Cooperation with producers on category management is highly appreciated and supported also thanks to the possibility to import planograms prepared in third-party software applications directly to Quant. 

A special module for the web application allows the placement of all products supplied by a given producer to be shown at any store and the planogram to be easily downloaded to a mobile device directly in the store.

Planogram for supplier

                                   A planogram for producers with anonymous products of competitors

Dermal Coordinators

Dermal cosmetics have special position in the strategy of Dr. Max Pharmacies and therefore there are tools available primarily for the support of this segment. The entire process is assisted by dermal coordinators who are very important liaisons between pharmacies and the headquarters and help finalize a perfect look of the pharmacy.

3D Pharmacy