11. 04. 2022

Do it Center Panama uses Quant Task Management

Do it Center from Panama, which operates a network of hobby markets, started using Quant in 2020 to manage the retail space and create store-specific planograms. Each store accesses its planograms through Quant's website where it is possible to confirm planogram implementation using a mobile or tablet device and attach a photo of the implementation to the planogram. This ensures that the headquarters has an overview of the final display.

After the first year of its use, the shelf label management and printing module has been deployed, which includes a sophisticated graphic editor, automatic change detection and the ability to generate shelf label reports according to selected product filters. In addition, shelf labels can be linked to specific planograms which ensures that each store gets the right number of shelf labels, in the right design and with the right dimensions according to the fixture.

Now, after successful testing, Do it Center has decided to extend the use of Quant with Task Management which perfectly complements the already established communication tools within the Quant platform. 

Quant Task Management facilitates task management, improves communication between headquarters and stores and contributes to the successful functioning of key processes. Every user involved is informed about deadlines and task status thanks to automatic notifications.

The uniqueness of Quant Task Management lies primarily in its setting in a retail context

For example, if store staff need to report broken fixture, they simply find it in the floor plan, create a task and describe the problem. They don't need to list details about the specific store and fixture, Quant will fill in the task automatically.

The primary solver is automatically set according to the task type. The control panel has the possibility to link tasks if they are related or, on the contrary, to divide a complex task into subtasks. Attached photos can be annotated within the task and all users involved in the task can add comments and follow the complete progress of the solution anytime.