01. 04. 2020

How are planograms and category management implemented?

You often ask us what the implementation process for category management and planograms is like in practice. One such an example was presented by Vasil Fečko, Sales Director of Sklizeno, at the Retail Summit 2020 in Prague. 

Currently, Sklizeno has 26 stores. In the past, each store was original and therefore Vasil Fečko started working on the implementation of category management in 2016. 

Generally speaking, the entire process can be divided into three steps:

Photo documentation of a store

1. To sell successfully, the store must be understandable. This means that the first step of implementation is to measure and make drawings of all stores. If there happen to be any layout drawings of the stores and equipment, this step is easier and quicker. 

2. To create planograms, the dimensions of all products that you need to place must be known. There are agencies that can do this and/or it is possible to measure the products on an in-house basis.

3. Another step is the optimization of space and display based on sales data. At this moment, the first results can be seen – the first optimization of inventories and increase in sales. After the demanding preparatory period, it is possible to analyse, adjust, reduce and/or extend individual categories and assortment. And if everything has been done properly, increases in sales will soon be celebrated. For instance, at the Chodov store where the increase in sales after reconstruction generates 0.5 million CZK a month.

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