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19. 08. 2019

Create a planogram by importing a CSV file

The option Import CSV Planogram allows a planogram from a CSV file to be imported to Quant. If you have products saved in a CSV file, including their accurate position in the planogram, the following procedure allows a planogram to be created quickly and easily based on this information.

The imported CSV file should look as follows: each row represents a specific product while each column represents a specific property. It is important that the file always includes the Primary Id or EAN of the products to make it possible for Quant to correctly identify the product to be placed. It is possible to prepare such a file in MS Excel or a different table editor:

Example of an imported table

If you have created a file that you wish to import, the following procedure should be employed:

1. In the Project Editor, display the planogram template that you wish to fill in with products.

2. In the menu, select the option Planogram Import CSV Planogram.

3. A new window opens where you can select the Select File option to be able to import the selected file.

4. Set the criteria for import in the property pane on the left. It is very important to have the following criteria set correctly: Character Set (select the set of the characters of which are correctly displayed in the Source Preview – the most commonly used are UTF-8 and windows-1250), Header Line Count, and Matching Attribute (if you set Primary Product Id, it is expected that the property Product Id is the Primary Product Id, if the EAN option is set, the property Product Id is EAN).

5. Assign the columns of the imported file to the correct properties in Quant in the Source Preview

6. Click on the Import button. The planogram template will be filled with products as per the imported file.

Recommendation: Store your criteria in the Library to be able to use them at the next import. Quant will remember both the criteria set in the import Settings, and the order of the columns that you selected in the Source Preview.