17. 05. 2021

Retail Summit 2021 has already announced its program

The year 2020 changed everything. The program of the Retail Summit 2021 reacts to this fact: A NEW RETAIL REALITY? What changes and what remains…,

Registration for the Retail Summit 2021 has been running for some time. The recently published Program will also include Quant Workshop.

The Retail Summit 2021 offers many current answers, inspirations and instructions, both for the present and for the future of business.

Retail Summit 2020Retail Summit 2020

Quant – Retail Management Workshop

Tuesday 21th September 2021 14.00–17.00

Space planning, category management, planograms, communication with stores and their control, automatic orders, price tag management or task management. These key activities for retail can be collectively called Retail Management. Today, there are specialized systems of various suppliers solving each of these activities but their integration into a functional ecosystem can be a significant challenge. 

During the specialized workshop, participants will be introduced to the solution of the mentioned tasks within one integrated software system. Moreover, the benefits which this approach brings to successful Czech and Slovak retailers will be presented.

We are looking forward to the meeting at the Retail Summit 2021 on 21-23th September 2021 in thePrague Congress Centre.

Quant at Retail Summit 2020Quant Exhibition Stand at the Retail Summit 2020