14. 05. 2024

Italian pharmacies FELIA create planograms in Quant

Italian pharmacy chain FELIA was searching for a simple solution to create planograms without the need to draw floor plans. 

Quant Basic was therefore a great choice, as it makes it easy to create planograms for individual modules as well as for entire lines of fixtures divided, for example, by category or producer. 

“In Quant we found clarity, speed and accuracy, and thanks to the support offered we were able to achieve the results we needed at the time within a few days.” 

Valeria Giovanetti | Visual Merchandiser, Felia Farmacie

The fastest way to create planograms is to use a template that allows, among other things, bulk editing of product blocks.

The Free Style Planogram tool then allows to add additional graphic elements, marketing materials, or create irregular displays of hanging products. 

The planogram preview is available not only as a 2D view, but also as a 3D view of individual modules or an entire section.

Planograms can easily be exported as PDF with a user-defined appearance and layout of the individual components.

Pharmacy Planograms in Quant