23. 08. 2021

Keells is the first major retailer in Sri Lanka to use Quant

Keells, one of the largest supermarket chains in Sri Lanka, has chosen Quant as the new software solution for visual merchandising and space planning in its more than 120 stores.


Keells was one of the first in Sri Lanka to start creating planograms and optimizing store layouts more than 10 years ago. In late 2020, we were invited to tender for new planogram software. 

Quant was selected as the most suitable solution after a successful pilot project, mainly due to its easy scalability with the growing number of new stores, integrated management of store layouts and planograms, successful integration with the ERP system via Quant's Rest API and easy communication with stores within Quant Web.

Already during the pilot project, we were able to successfully migrate existing planograms and reduce the number of planogram variations by creating planograms based on templates. Quant Web was localized into Sinhala and Tamil languages and users from Keells were trained by our consultants. The inspiration was mutual. Based on the feedback, we incorporated several innovations which were received very positively not only by Keells but also by our other customers.

We are very happy that Quant is represented in South Asia through this partnership and welcome Keells to the Quant family.

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