09. 01. 2023

Looking back at 2022

In 2022, we successfully continued to build on our record results from 2021. We welcomed more than 20 new customers to the Quant family with the highest total value of new contracts ever, and our team grew by a record number of new colleagues.

We also felt the negative impact of the conflict in Ukraine, where we had several promising projects. Especially in the second quarter, we perceived a significantly reduced willingness to invest in new solutions and rather a desire to cut costs. 

However, during the third quarter, it became clear that Quant is a very good alternative to some of the established but much more expensive solutions for many companies looking for savings. This is also one of the reasons why the number of Quant-managed stores grew by more than 2,000 during 2022.

Customers already in 34 countries worldwide

Also this year we have managed to expand our services to new countries around the world. We are particularly pleased with our breakthrough in the USA, where we have gained 3 new clients - Cinemark, Oregon Tool and Delayney Hardware. 

Thanks to the newly created support department for LATAM and Spain, we managed to reach agreements with Empresas DBS in Chile, Inversiones La Estrella in Nicaragua, C&A in Brazil and CEPSA in Spain.

It is as well important to mention the cooperation with Ace Hardware Indonesia, Amouage in Oman and Minifarm in Romania.

Quant Customers in world

Things were also going well back home in the Czech Republic. The list of retailers who chose our solution this year speaks for itself - Super ZOO, Smarty, Enapo, Pramen, JPServis, Ciret and Inva.

Demand Planning

We are very pleased that our customers stay with us for a long time and very often extend their cooperation and add new services from our portfolio.

This year we have expanded our offer with advanced Demand Planning & Forecasting

The module for Automatic Replenishment has existed in Quant for a long time, but it worked only on the basis of naive forecasting. This year, after several years of development, we have successfully deployed advanced sales forecasting based on machine learning and artificial intelligence that takes into account many factors affecting future demand.

In addition, we have implemented support for shipment calendars and multi-level planning and proposal of orders from specific stores, through intermediate warehouses to central warehouses or suppliers.

Czech Goodwill and other awards

Our company was awarded 3rd place in the Made in Czechoslovakia category during the Czech Goodwill 2022 gala.

In our category, the expert jury deservedly chose Kofola Czechoslovakia and its owner Jannis Samaras as the winner. The second place went to Matragi Ateliér and Blanka Matragi.

It was a great honour to be among all the nominees and award winners.

Our company was awarded 3rd place in the Made in Czechoslovakia category

Industry Tech Insights selected Quant as one of 10 revolutionary retail solutions in this year's retail-focused edition. Quant makes it easier to plan and optimize retail spaces so that customers can navigate stores, enjoy coming back, and improve business results at the same time.

Thanks to great reviews from our users and increased market share throughout the year, we remained the Momentum Leader in the Retail Management Systems category on G2.com. You can also find new reviews of Quant on SourceForge, Capterra and Gartner Peer Insights

We are also pleased about the new case study of Quant deployment at Do it Center.

"The level of support and flexibility of the Quant Retail team was key to the success of the system implementation."

Michael Cohen, CEO Do it Center

Quant Reviews

Retail Summit and more gatherings

This year we were again a gold partner of the Retail Summit. During the main presentation session, Luboš Korbelář, CCO of Dr.Max Holding, shared his experience of using Quant across several countries. 

We were present at the POPAI Seminar Using Digital Store Visualization in examples, where our Head of Sales Nikola Popílková presented practical examples of using Quant.

Quant Retail at conferencesQuant Retail at Retail Summit and Retail in Detail conferences in Prague

In the autumn, at the Retail in Detail conference at O2 Universum, we had the opportunity to explain why Space planning should be a key activity even in non-unified store chains.

The traditional Quant Workshop this year had a record attendance, due to the great interest we decided to upgrade it to a full-fledged conference next year in the newly chosen premises of the Port Hotel on Máchovo jezero.

Quant WorkshopQuant workshop at Hostačov Castle

To conclude

Just like last year, I would like to thank all our customers who inspire us every day and motivate Quant to continuously improve. I thank all my colleagues for their professionalism, dedication and human approach. Have a wonderful and successful 2023!

Petr Kavánek, CEO / Co-owner Quant Retail s.r.o.

Quant TeamTeam Building, Spring 2022