31. 05. 2024

Medi-Market has chosen Quant for unified space planning

Medi-Market, a Belgian parapharmacy chain operating in several European countries, chose Quant Premium for its unified space planning after a successful Proof of Concept

The main advantage of the chosen solution is the linking of the pharmacy floor plan management process and optimal distribution of categories on the store floor with the creation of store specific planograms optimized using AI and many of Quant's intelligent tools, including automatic data integration with ERP and other external platforms.

“Starting with Quant as merchandising tool was a huge step forward for MM in floor plan and profitability optimization.”

Verstringhe Julie | Head of Merchandising at Medi-Market

Floor planning in Quant

Within a single software solution, Medi-Market is able to work with its product lines divided by country of operation, in this case Italy and Belgium. Using individual projects, advanced filters and detailed user permissions, it is thus possible to create planograms for the entire network as well as for individual countries using sales data specific to individual stores or sales clusters.

Quant users have at their disposal not only an extensive set of manuals, but above all online support and regular screen-sharing training sessions conducted in languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Pharmacy planograms