01. 12. 2022

Oregon Tool creates standalone planograms in Quant

Oregon Tool, a supplier of premium cutting tools and spare parts to its partner shops, has chosen Quant Basic to create standalone planograms. Welcome to the Quant family!

Standalone planogramWith Quant, Oregon Tool can create a planograms in an advanced editor for individual fixtures, from racks with shelves to various forms of hanging systems. The products are inserted into a simple template in the desired quantity and arrangement, with the possibility of bulk editing of product blocks. An innovative tool is the Free style planogram, which allows to freely insert specific products, as well as various fixture accessories or graphic motives into the planogram. 

Heat maps are naturally also available for quick visual identification of product performance on the planogram according to selected criteria.

The resulting planograms can be viewed in a 3D visualization, then the planograms can be shared with partner stores either as PDF files or even more efficiently using Planogram Transfers, i.e. links that appear in the web browser and provide a preview of the display and an overview of the products for individual fixtures or the entire unit.

Planogram visualization