07. 05. 2024

Orsay creates store layouts and planograms in Quant

Orsay, which operates more than 150 brick-and-mortar fashion stores in many European countries, chose Quant for space optimization, store-specific planogramming and reporting after a successful proof of concept. Photo documentation, task management and forms make communication with stores easier.

"I believe that Quant will help us to successfully return and subsequently build Orsay retail in European markets and accelerate our ability to launch new collections in each country."

Marek Drvota / CEO Orsay  

Fashion goods have their own specifics. Just as collections change week by week, so do planograms. Quant makes the whole process more efficient. A single section template shared across stores saves the head office a considerable amount of time. The stores can then easily identify and confirm display changes via the web application. 

We are very pleased that Quant will help another major network of retail stores to plan their sales space more efficiently and streamline downstream processes.

We welcome Orsay to the Quant family!

Fashion planograms in Quant