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04. 12. 2018

Product Opportunities

Do you need to improve sales? We recommend employing Products Opportunities.

When preparing planograms you are sometimes not sure whether the selected product is the best choice and whether it wouldn't be better the place a different product. At this moment it is good to have a quick tool to find out whether there are products with better sales that are not placed.

Quant offers the possibility to test prior the publication of a planogram whether there are some products which are not placed in planograms although their sales are higher than those of other products that are placed in the planograms. In addition, Quant will calculate how much the sales could increase if the placed but less saleable product is replaced.

If different criteria than sales, such as the number of sold items or profit, are decisive for you, the only thing that you need to do is to change the criteria and the data is automatically recalculated based on the selected parameters.