09. 03. 2022

Ciret CZ newly creates planograms in Quant

Ciret CZ company, a member of the international Storch-Ciret Group, has chosen Quant Basic for creating planograms in the stores of its business partners. The Storch-Ciret Group develops, produces and sells high quality painting tools. It offers its business partners a different product set depending on the possibilities of their sales areas.

Various individual planograms or sets of planograms can be created in Quant. The sophisticated editor makes it easy to design all fixtures, including hanging systems using hooks or slats. In order to share planograms with your business partners, you can use both export to PDF or XLS and the modern way of sharing using the Planogram Transfers function. This allows you to share a link to the planogram and the option to download the file via a web browser.

Standalone Planograms