10. 08. 2023

Finnish company Rakennuskemia creates standalone planograms in Quant

The Finnish company Rakennuskemia has chosen Quant Basic for the creation of standalone planograms to help them accurately display both their own products and marketing materials such as banners, posters or side information panels.

Rakennuskemia had clear expectations of planogram software:

  • Intuitive usage, 
  • the ability to draw the combination of shelves with the hanging system, 
  • a final output in PDF file with a preview of the planogram and a user-definable table of products and their positions on the planogram.

Quant planograms

Quant Basic provides not only the above mentioned features, but also various options for inserting marketing materials on the fixture or graphic elements within the Free Style planogram.

Quant impressed me because of its clear concept, the wide range of tools and the variable possibility of inserting products into the planogram. We opted for the Quant Basic module with the additional Quick Start Support package, which included several online training courses and regular support in the early stages of using the software. Thanks to this support, we were able to create our first set of planograms in a matter of days.

Thomas Whitehouse | Planogram Designer, Rakennuskemia OY