27. 05. 2024

RCR Cristalleria Italiana selected Quant for designed planogram creation

The Italian company RCR Cristalleria Italiana, which manufactures and distributes crystal glass products, chose Quant to create planograms for their designer products.

RCR emphasizes high quality from the actual production to the sale and final display of the products. Quant has managed to combine both the design of specific modules or gondolas, including banners and shelf strips, and the display of individual products with different types of packaging. 

Planograms in Quant with 3D view

Modules can be shared with business partners via a personalized PDF with an attached 3D planogram view. 

The advantage of custom PDF setup is especially the creation of different PDF designs and content for different purposes. For example, a company brochure can be created with embedded contacts or graphic elements, or variable previews of the planogram products themselves with customizable labels.

“What we expected from Quant was that it would be easy and intuitive to use, and we got that right from the first steps. The company's need was to be able to set up the racks and gondolas with our products in seconds by dividing them into different categories. By fully customising the size of the racks, it is possible to create ad hoc designs for each of our customers, plus the ability to display whole packs or individual products.”

Alessandro Nepi | Product Manager, RCR Cristalleria Italiana