09. 10. 2020

Try our new manuals

Customer support is our number one priority. We have always strived to be able to get a maximum added value from Quant. We are constantly communicating with our customers, asking them for possible improvements, helping them to understand the software and we appreciate any feedback. We have been building a network of manuals for a long time so that our customers can easily find what they need. In this post, we would like to share with you what our new manual structure looks like and how to easily find your way around.

Manuals can be found on our web page at https://www.quantretail.com/kb.

The manuals are divided into several topics, which are subsequantly divided into sub-topics. For customers starting with Quant, we have a Get Started section, which is divided into two sub-topics:

  • Planograms Integrated with Floorplans, which is intended for users who wish to plan floorplans in Quant, integrate them with planograms and then use the Quant web.
  • Standalone Planograms, which is intended for customers who only want to create planograms and do not want to use floor planning in Quant and Quant web.

For customers who have been using Quant for a long time, other topics will also be of great help. There are more detailed manuals for individual functions. The structure of the manual page should easily guide you to where you can find the manual. For example, if you are looking for a manual on how to create a category, go to the Basic Topics and select the sub-topic Categories. Here you will see all the manuals that are currently available for the categories.

You can easily search for the manuals using the search box. If you do not know exactly where to find the manual, just enter a keyword in the search field and the page will list all the manuals where the word occurs.

We also try to make the manuals clear, and thus we often incorporate videos in them. It is not necessary to spend so much time reading the text, because the video always summarizes important facts.

We believe that this new structure of manuals will be clearer and we hope that your work will be easier with our software.