18. 04. 2023

Welcoming new customers – Q1/2023

In the first quarter of this year, we have started cooperation with new business partners, both from producers, who have chosen Quant Basic as a quick solutions for Standalone Planograms, as well as store chains, where the focus is also on Floor Planning and a comprehensive approach, which corresponds to Quant Premium.

Quant new customers 2023 Q1We are very pleased to have expanded our presence in the USA, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, France and Slovakia. We have also acquired our first clients in South Africa and Bali.

This brings more than 700 new stores managed in Quant during the first quarter of this year.

By working closely with our customers, we are able to continuously develop Quant and add new features to make planogramming easier. Communication and online support, regular training sessions and meetings at conferences remain the mainstay. We are looking forward to first edition of QuantCON where we will not only present new features in Quant, but also where our customers will share their own experiences of using Quant in their retail practice.

We welcome new members to the Quant family and look forward to an inspiring collaboration!