Dr.Max Serbia

“We have a great recommendation regarding Quant from our colleagues from the Czech Republic and we chose it according to their good results. All that we need at this point was completely covered by Quant solutions. We have an easy accessibility and communication with pharmacies, the possibility to expand cooperation to manufacturers and suppliers.”

Katarina Milovanović
Category Manager

Customer Story

Pilot project started in Q1 2019 in three pharmacies. Two pharmacies are near a health centre and one pharmacy is a street pharmacy. At the same time, we implemented in those three pharmacies the people counter system to track the parameters like the number of customers, the number of passing customers, the time spent in the pharmacy, working hours, the cold and hot places in the pharmacy etc. The goal was to increase the sale of OTC products agreed with the commercial department.

In the end, the result was more than 24% increase of total sales and 8% increase for OTC placed products. After the month of June, we rolled out the project in 10 pharmacies. All the pharmacies were included until the end of 2019. Final result was that protocol OTC product sales represented more than 80% of total OTC sales at the end of 2019.

At a Glance

  • Customer since 2019
  • 147 stores in Serbia

Favourite Feature

Analysis comparing space and sales in individual shelves


  • 24 % increase of total sales
  • 8 % increase of sales of OTC placed products
  • Protocol OTC product sales represented more than 80% of total OTC sales at the end of 2019