“In addition to the aforementioned benefits of automatic orders, we appreciate in particular the easier administration of items displayed in the stores and acquisition of new business partners also thanks to the provision of space management. Also, the work of our sales representatives administering displayed items based on planograms in Quant has become more effective.”

Jaroslav Bucko
Key Account Manager

Customer Story

Our company operates in the B2B segment and focuses on the market in mobile devices. Our business partners are mobile operators, electronic goods shops and also filling stations whom we provide maximum support intended for end customers. In addition to delivery of goods to the shops, we specialize in presentation thereof to distinguish ourselves from the other distributors.

At the beginning, we administered all processes using MS Excel sheets. However, the labouriousness and time consumption of this approach were not sustainable in the long run considering the market dynamics and assortment modification frequency. Therefore, it was necessary to find a comprehensive solution for the creation of planograms and analyses of sales to be able to further develop and provide optimal services. Based on a presentation provided by ExTech, we decided to try Quant as this solution seemed to cover our needs and had a potential for further growth.

At a Glance

  • founded in 2013
  • 530 partners stores managed
  • 5650 products in database

Favourite Feature

Automatic Ordering.


  • Connection to Automatic data transmissions.
  • Deployment of Automatic Orders in Slovak Telekom network.
  • Easier management of Stores Equipment and acquisition of new business partners through space management.
  • Increase the efficiency of our sales representatives managing planograms from Quant.