Uploading a Technical Plan

You can upload a technical plan to all of your stores to make drawing of the floor plan easier.

You can upload the technical plan when creating a new store in the setup wizard. After clicking on the New button in the Stores section, filling in its name and clicking on the Next button, the window for uploading the technical plan will appear.

  1. Click on the Next button.
  2. In the newly appearing window, click on the New button and select the image of the technical plan that is saved in your computer.
  3. Click on Ok.
  1. Set the scale - the scale is set by placing 2 points that will be displayed in the image in a manner creating a distance that you are able to identify clearly.
  2. Click on Ok.

 How to upload a technical plan for an already created store?

If your stores have been created by import and you need to add technical plans to them, you can use the Store - Upload Technical Plan item in the Store Editor menu.

Upload a technical plan from the Store Editor