Development Analyses

Development Analyses

In Quant you can follow the way in which e.g. margins, sales or other sales indicators develop during a certain period. The development of such indicators can be monitored for both individual products and whole categories or specified groups of products.

Standard Category Development

The Standard category development monitors a development in the number of sold pieces or profit of a given category in individual months. You can also monitor, for example, sales for January 2016 vs sales for February 2016.

Year-to-Year Category Development

The Year-to-Year category development compares the sales in selected categories in individual years. You can observe, for example, sales for January 2016 vs sales for January 2017.

YTD Category Development

The YTD analysis compares sales in a given category for the whole year in selected years. You can monitor, for example, sales for 2016 vs sales for 2017.