Layer versions are store-specific and are a great tool for planning rebuilding. 

In this manual you will find:

  1. How to draw a floor plan after rebuilding?
  2. How does work the view of floor plan after rebuilding in the Store Editor?
  3. How the floor plan after rebuilding can be accessed on the web?

The Prague store may have only one version of the Fixtures layer capturing the existing state valid from 11/06/2019. If the rebuilding of the fixtures is planned in this store from 04/01/2021, it is possible to create a new version of the layer in Quant in advance with the validity from 04/01/2021 and draw the newly planned state in it.

How to draw a floor plan after rebuilding?

  1. Create a new layer version in the layer that should be changed because of the rebuilding.
  • Fill in the name - in our case it will be a second version in Fixtures layer so we will name it "2".
  • Start Date should be 04/01/2021 because since this date the rebuilded floor plan should be valid.
  • Duplicate Latest Version checkbox should be marked if the floor plan after rebuilding will not differ so much from the original floor plan. Duplicate Latest Version will ensure that all fixtures from the version "1" will be copied to the new version "2" and you can then make just small adjustments of the original floor plan.
Create a new layer version 
  • In the Fixture layer a newly created version will appear:
New layer version in the hierarchy 
  1.  Make changes in the duplicated version so that the floor plan corresponds to the floor plan after the reconstruction.
Version 1 
Version 2 

As soon as the start date of the version after rebuilding occurs, the new floor plan from the version after rebuilding will be displayed to the store instead the original one.

Store Editor View

If you didn’t select any layer version and you are at the top of the hierarchy, the store floor plan that is valid on the date set in the top bar will be displayed. So if you want to see how the floor plan will look like after rebuilding, you need to change the date in the top bar so that the layer version in which the rebuilding is drawn will be valid. In our case the the rebuilt floor plan will be valid from the 04/01/2021 so it is necessary to set 04/01/2021 or later date in the top bar.

Store Editor View 

Rebuilding View on the Web

On the website it is possible to display both the up-to-date state of the store and its state on the selected rebuilding date. The store will have the opportunity to view the floor plan after rebuilding if the Floor Plan Rebuilding Date is completed in the store properties.

The Floor Plan Rebuilding Date is set  in the Store Editor in the Store tab.

Floor Plan Rebuilding Date 

On the web you will see both states of floor plan after you will set Rebuilding Date of the store and you can easily switch between them.

Switching between versions on web 

If no Floor Plan Rebuilding Date is set, the store will see on the web the floor plan which is valid today. The floor plan after rebuilding will therefore start to be displayed on the day when the layer version in which the rebuilding state is drawn will start to be valid. In our case it will be on 04/01/2021.