Seasonality Changes in Floor Plan

Floor plan layers are a great tool for creating seasonal changes. In Quant, you can set up layers for summer and winter floor plans and create different floor plans in these layers according to the seasons.

In this manual, you will find:

  1. What do you need to set up for the seasonal layer?
  2. How to proceed in the Store Editor to schedule the seasonal layer of a floor plan?
  3. How do you view the floor plan layout for a given season in the Store Editor?

It is usually recommended to have one general layer established in Quant, which should be valid for most of the year. You can call this layer, for example, Fixtures. You can then create additional layers that capture only a specific season. In our case, this will be the Winter layer, where the floor plan will be plotted and will only be valid during the winter months, specifically from November 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022.

What do you need to set for the seasonal layer?

Seasonal layers must have set:

  • Start date and End date - here you need to fill in the period for which the floor plan in this layer should be valid. In our case, the winter layer of the floor plan will be valid from 11/01/2021 to 02/28/2022.
  • Priority - the priority of the seasonal layer must be higher than the priority of the layer that is used year-round. This means that the seasonal layer must be set to a lower number than the non-seasonal layer in order for the seasonal layer to take precedence over the other layers during the set period.
Setting seasonal changes

How to use the Store Editor to plan a seasonal floor plan layer?

  1. Create a new version of the layer in the seasonal layer.
  1. Duplicate only the fixture/part of the floor plan that will be changed to the seasonal layer. Fixture that remains the same does not need to be duplicated, as the form drawn in the original layer (in this case the Fixtures layer) will be used for this fixture.
Duplicate in layer 
  1. Make the desired changes to the seasonal layer:
  • You can edit the copied fixture in any way - change category, size, position.
  • You can delete the copied fixture - this means that the space where the fixture originally stood will be empty seasonally.
  • You can also create new fixture in the floor plan in the seasonal layer.

For unduplicated fixture, their form from the non-seasonal layer shall be used. This is because both seasonal (Winter) and non-seasonal (Fixtures) layers will be valid seasonally, as the non-seasonal layer has no Start or End Date set, so it is valid all year. For the seasonal layer (Winter), we have set a higher layer priority, so if the same fixture is present in both layers, the one in the seasonal layer will be used because of its higher priority. However, if the fixture is only present in the non-seasonal layer, its similarity from that layer will be used.

Seasonal changes in layer 

How do you view the floor plan for a given season in the Store Editor?

If you need to check how the floor plan will look when the winter floor plan layer is in effect, just set the floor plan date in the top bar to the day that falls within the seasonal layer.Winter layer