Product Photo Taking

This manual show how to take pictures of products and which pictures are not suitable for planograms.

Creating New Products

In Quant, you need to have a product library including all the products you want to use for planograms or even for analysis. In Quant you can find all products in the Products section.

Products Section Structure

The Products section is divided into several sections which will be described in this manual.

Bulk Products Editing

In Quant, you can use the bulk edit tool to edit different product properties. This feature is very useful if you want to set the same value for a property for several products.

Cropping Images

High quality images improve the quality of planograms and accelerate implementation. In Quant, an integrated tool that helps you improve the quality of product images, is available. The tool allows a batch task of cropping hundreds or thousands of product images to be executed.

Creating Custom Product Properties

We have many pre-defined product properties in Quant that may not be sufficient for your needs. If you don't find all required properties in the Products section, you can easily create your own properties.


It is possible to work with multiple types of packaging for one product in Quant. You can enter different parameters for one product.