Creating New Products

In Quant, you need to have a product library including all the products you want to use for planograms or even for analysis. In Quant you can find all products in the Products tab.


How do you set up products in Quant?

  1. Automatic import - this is the most efficient way to get product data into Quant. Products are automatically updated daily or as per your requirements without you having to interfere with the process. We support two possible paths for automatic data transfers:
    • CSV/FTPS: A CSV file with products is sent from your ERP system to our FTPS server and from there it is automatically imported into Quant.
    • Rest API: the easiest and fastest way to exchange data between Quant and other systems. It allows you to automatically import data into Quant in real time.
  1. Manual import - data can also be imported into Quant manually from an Excel file. You will typically use this procedure at the beginning before automatic data transfers become operational.
  1. Creating a product in the Products section - if you need to create one or a few products, you can also create a product directly in Quant in the Products section by clicking on the New button. In the new window, you must fill in the Primary Product ID (unique product code). Then fill in the necessary properties for the product in the properties panel on the right.
Creating a new product
Editing a new product