Basic Settings of Forms

In Quant, it is possible to create forms that are used to publish questionnaires or surveys. A typical example would be the store check form that every regional manager must fill out during a regular store inspection. The head office prepares a list of questions about the stores and the regional managers log into the Quant web interface directly from the store each time. Here, they fill in the form and see the evaluation very quickly, e.g. in the form of a percentage success rate. If a store lacks something, it is possible to link a task directly to the form question and require the store to solve it by a certain deadline.

Form Fields Settings

The content of the form is created in Quant in the Fields tab. Here you enter the individual questions that should appear in the form. You can also select what type of question it is (Yes/No, Options, Text, Number, etc.) and how many points each answer will be scored if you want to calculate a score for the form.

Web Settings of Forms

If you have already created a form, you can configure e.g. the appearance of the form overview table or select which fields in the form should be mandatory. It is also possible to set up several different table or form layouts and switch between them. You can also set different user roles to have different layouts for the overview table or form.