Blog Post Notification

The Blog Post notification informs the user that a new post has been published on the Blog. 

The notification is set in the Notification – Blog Post tab.

  • Append Last Post’s Heading into Subject – in the subject line of the notification sent by e-mail the name of the last post will be attached.
  • Send Individual Email for Every Blog Post
  • Marked - The user will be notified not only of the latest post added to the blog but a separate notification will be sent for every newly published post.
  • Not marked - The user will always receive a notification of only the last published post. If 2 posts have been published since the last notification, the notification will inform the user only about the last post.
Blog post notification 

  • Link to Quant Web App
  • Link to Blog Post / Poll – upon clicking on this link the user will be redirected to the website with the blog post. A text can be set for the link, for example, Read more...
  • Last Blog Post – the notification will include the whole text of the post added to the blog.
  • Last Blog Post Info – inserts key information on the last post added to the Blog that is provided for the respective post.

In addition, it is possible to select only the details concerning the latest blog that should be displayed in the notification via variables mentioned below. All these variables are part of the Last Blog Post Info variable. Here you can select only some of them, which is not possible via the aforementioned variable:

  • Author
  • Department
  • Description
  • Heading
  • Publishing Date

In the notification, either the Last Blog Post Info variable or its individual parts, such as Heading, Author, Department, Description and Publishing Date, should be inserted. If the two variables are combined, some data will be duplicated in the notification.

We recommend that you insert either the Last Blog Post Info or Link to Blog Post variable. In the first case the post will be available to the user directly in the e-mail while in the other case the user will click on the link and will be redirected to the post on the web interface.

Settings of properties

The notification of a new post added to the blog can be initiated also manually using the Send Notifications button in the Communication -> Blog Post tab. In this case the notification will be send for all published posts since the last notification was sent. In the case that the “Send Individual Email for Every Blog Post” checkbox is not marked, the notification will be sent only for the last published post added to the blog.

Send notification

If the user has read the post, the notification will not be sent to the user's e-mail.