Change Password Notification

Change password notification is send when the user forgets the password and clicks on a button or a link to change it.

The notification is set in the Notifications – Reset Password.

  • Username
  • First name 
  • Last name
  • Reset Password Link - this is the most important part of the notification. The user will receive the e-mail with the link for password changing and so the user can set up the new password.
  • Link for Downloading Quant installer - it will redirect a user to the web page where he/she can download Quant.
  • Link to Quant Web App

The notification must always contain Reset Password Link.

This notification is specific in that there are no notification times to set, nor is there a need to turn this notification on, as an email with a link to change the password will arrive as soon as the user requests the password change.

Change password