Changes Prices Notification

Notification Changed Prices informs a user that the prices of some products have been changed since the last notification was sent.

You can set the Changed Prices Notification in Notification – Changed Prices tab.


  • Send Notification Only to Open Stores - if this checkbox is marked, the notification will be sent only to the stores whose properties „Opening Date“ and „Closing Date“ are set in the way that at the moment when the notification is sent, the stores are open.
  • Do Not Notify Stores in Rebuilding - if you check this checkbox, notifications will not go to stores in rebuilding. In other words, if stores have set the properties "Rebuilding From" and "Rebuilding To" during the time of the notification,  they will not be notified because they are in rebuilding.


  • Link to Quant Web App
  • Stores – inserts a table with stores in which the prices have been changed. You can set which columns you wish to see in the table.
Changes prices notification