New Login Details Notification

When a new user is created in Quant, an e-mail notification is sent with his/her username and a link where a password can be set.

The notification is set in the Notifications – New Login Details tab.

  • Link to Quant Web App
  • Link for Downloading Quant installer - it will redirect a user to the web page where he/she can download Quant.
  • Username - the notification must always contain this variable so that the user knows his/her username and can log in to the application later.
  • Set password - a link will appear in the e-mail instead of this variable. User must click on it in order to set a new password.
  • First name 
  • Last name 

The notification with new login details must always contain User name and Set password as minimum. 

You only need to include the Link for Downloading Quant installer variable for user roles which have access to the Desktop application. For example, Store Managers should not have this variable included in the notification at all.

New login details notification

This notification is specific in that there are no notification times to set, nor is there a need to turn on this notification, as the login details arrive automatically as soon as you click the Send Login Details button.

You can set new user in the Users tab.

New user settings

Once the user receives the e-mail notification, the password must be set in 48 hours. 


New password setting