Basic Settings of Polls

In Quant, you can create polls and communicate both with stores and selected user roles. A poll can be created directly in Quant where the results can be followed and evaluated later on.

Polls can be created in the following tab: Polls.

Polls tab

The Polls tab consists of two subtabs: 

  • Results: In the Results tab, you can view the responses to a specific poll that you have selected. The results and the preview of the poll are always displayed for the poll you selected in the table below.
  • Preview: Here you can see how a particular poll selected in the table looks like.


After the poll has been responded on the website, the results will become available in: Polls → Results tab.

A table in the top part offers a list of the users who have provided their answers in the poll. Their answers can be seen in individual columns named after the text that has been entered in the Short Name line in the Polls Editor. On the right-hand side the answers are depicted in the form of a pie chart.

Results tab

Above the table, you can use the following buttons:

Open Store
  • If you select in the table a user who has already answered and click on this button, Quant will redirect you to the Store Editor with a floorplan of the store which is administered by the user.
  • If the user administers several stores, this button cannot be used.
Show Custom Answer
  • This option is used to display the entire answer in the cases where the custom answer is too long so that it is not possible to read the complete answer in the table column only.
  • Upon clicking on this button the custom answer will be displayed in a new window.
Upper buttons 

A table in the bottom part offers a list of the users who have NOT provided their answers in the poll yet. In this case, the names of stores are provided as the poll was published for the stores (the “For Stores” check box has been selected).

On the right-hand side, the number of the users who have provided their answer and the number of those who still need to answer can be seen in the pie chart.

Unanswered tab


Here is a preview of the created poll. This is how the poll will look on the web interface after publishing.
Poll preview

Polls Notifications

Two types of notifications can be created for polls.

  • New polls: A notification informing the user that a new poll has been published on the web.
  • Reminder: A notification informing the user that in a certain number of days the answer term for the poll will expire.

The notifications can be set on the tab: Notifications → Polls.

Polls notifications