Polls Editor

In the Poll Editor, you can create the text of the poll and the answers and set various properties for the poll, such as who should respond to the survey, when it should be published on the website or when users must respond to it.

In this manual you can find:

  1. Where do you set up that the respondent could write his / her own answer?
  2. How do you set up that a respondent could tick multiple answers at once?
  3. How to publish a poll to which only one store representative may respond?
  4. What is the difference between a poll that is set only for stores and a poll that is published for store managers?
  5. Where do you set the date and time of the poll publication?
  6. How do you archive the poll so that it is no longer visible on the web?
  7. How do you publish a poll only to a selected group of users (eg. only to some store managers)?
  8. How do you set up a poll image that will be displayed for that poll on the web interface?

You can find the Polls Editor in the Polls tab, click on the New button and start creating a new poll. The survey editor is divided into three main parts:

  1. Poll preview
  2. Answers
  3. Property Pane for the editing of the poll properties
New poll settings 

Poll preview

In this section, you can only see a preview of what the poll will look like after publication. Here you can write the question you want to ask users.

Answers are automatically copied to the preview from the Answers section, where you must create them.

You can write text, insert images and tables, edit them as you need by using the tools located under the poll preview.

Poll preview


Add answers

Clicking on the Add Answer button will add a new response.

The answer consists of two parts: Short Name and Answer.

  • Short Name: Only refers to a note for you. It is the name that will be displayed in the Results tab and therefore it should be short to allow a clear evaluation of the results.
  • Answer: Refers to a complete response that will be displayed in the poll.

Short names

Property Pane for the editing of the poll properties

For each poll, the properties are adjusted in the property pane on the right .

Name / Author / Department / Description
  • This information is displayed for each poll in the Blog tab on the website.
Allow Custom Answer
  • This option will allow a field where a respondent can write his own answer to be inserted into the poll.
Allow custom answer
Allow Multiple Answers
  • The default setting of this option generates a poll with only one possible response. If you wish the user to have several answers at their disposal, then select this checkbox.
Allow multiple answers 
Only Stores
  • You can select this checkbox if you are creating a poll only for Store Managers and not for other user roles.
Only stores 

Each store can respond to the poll only once, regardless of how many Store Managers the respective store has — only one of them may respond to the poll and once he/she responds, the poll will become closed to all the other Store Managers of the same store.

Remember to select the stores for which you wish the poll be displayed in the Visible for Store of Store Managers line. If you select no store, the poll will not be published at all.

Show as Store Property
  • This field is active only in the case that a poll with the selected Only Stores checkbox is marked.
  • Selecting this checkbox will ensure that a new column with the name of the poll will be displayed in the Stores tab in the table with store. Thanks to this you will be able to follow the answers of each store in the Stores tab.
Show as store property
Stores tab
User Roles
  • The user roles for which the poll will be published on the website should be selected here.

It is not possible to select the user role if the Only Stores checkbox has been selected as the poll is then intended exclusively for the Store Managers.

What is the difference between a poll that is set only for stores and a poll that is published for store managers?

The main difference is that a poll that has the Only stores check box selected will only be displayed to the user role of the store manager, but only one person of the store will be able to respond to it. As soon as someone from the store answers, the others from the store do not have to.

The poll published for the store manager user role will also be displayed to each store manager, but if one store has multiple store managers, each of them must respond, not just one representative of the entire store.

Publishing Date
  • The day and time when the post will become visible on the website.
Answer Term
  • Here the date by which the store must provide its answer in the poll is set.
  • The users may change their answer in the poll until the Answer Term.
  • The settings are meaningful if you wish to use the notification available in the Notifications / Polls / Reminder tab notifying the user that they must complete the poll by a certain date. Depending on the settings, the notification will be sent several days before the expiry of the Answer Term.
Polls reminder 

Archivation Date
  • The date when the poll will stop to display in the Blog tab on the web. In the case of a poll intended only for stores which has the Show as Store Property checkbox selected, the column of this poll will cease to be displayed in the table in the Stores tab.
  • This option has the same function as the Archivation Date.
  • Selecting this checkbox will immediately assign the poll the archived status.
Visible for Stores of Store Managers
  • Here you can select the stores or groups of stores to which the poll is to be displayed.
Show Only to Users with Tags
  • The polls for only a selected group of users can be published using tags. For example, you may wish to make the poll available only to certain Store Managers, not to all of them. In such a case, a certain tag must be set for the respective users.
  • In the Users tab, assign a tag to the users for whom you wish to publish the polls — in this case the “Polls” tag is concerned.
Users with tags
  • Set the tag that has been assigned to the users in the Property Pane in the Poll Editor in the Show Only to Users with Tags line.
  • In this specific case, the poll will be published only to Store Managers to whom the “Polls” tag has been assigned. The poll will not be published for the remaining Store Managers.
Tags settings 
Poll image
  • In addition, you can set an image to the poll that will be displayed on the website:
Poll image setting

After any editing in the Editing tab has been completed, save the poll by clicking on the Save button.