Creating a Planogram

Planograms can be created in the Project Editor.

Project Editor layout  

Double-clicking on the fixture in the floor plan will redirect you to the Planogram tab where you can create a planogram for that fixture.

Planogram tab 

How to insert products into planogram?

The products are inserted into the planogram template:

  1. Select the product in the table below that you want to place in the planogram.
  2. Activate the icon to insert products into the planogram.
  3. Click where you want to place the product in the template.
Inserting a product into the planogram 

How to set the number of pieces placed in the planogram?

In the right part of the Project Editor, in the Component tab, you can edit the properties of the inserted product (= block). Here you also set the number of pieces placed in the planogram.

Setting of the number of placed pieces 

You have to save the project by clicking on the Save button.

How to create a planogram by importing a table?

If you have a table in CSV or XLSX format that contains a list of products, including information about their exact position in the fixture, you can import it into Quant and quickly and easily create a planogram.