Inserting and Setting Fixtures

In this manual, you will find out how to insert fixtures into the store floor plan, adjust its measurements, number of shelves and set a category.

How to insert a fixture to a floor plan?

  1. In the navigation section of the Store Editor (right side), activate the layer version into which you want to insert the fixture.
  2. Click on the Fixture icon in the toolbar on the left.
  3. In the store floor plan, click on the place where the fixture should be inserted.
 Inserting Fixtures

The fixture is inserted into the floor plan in the default setting - its width is 80 cm and it has a total of 6 shelves. You can easily change these attributes in Quant.

How to set fixture measurements?

Measurements are set in the Component tab, where you can see a preview of the entire fixture.

Setting fixture measurements  

How to change the number of shelves?

You can add or remove shelves at the bottom of the Store Editor in the Fixture Components / Shelves tab.

Change the number of shelves  

How to set fixture category?

You need to assign category to each fixture in order to create a planogram for it. Also a category variant need to be always set up. The preferred procedure is to use a marking such as 1/X, 2/X ..., where X stands for the number of fixture with a given category in the store.

  1. Activate a Category variant tool in a toolbar.
  2. Draw an arrow which will cross all fixture that should have the same category. First click will specify the first point of the arrow. You can change the direction via click. Once you are finished press Enter.
  3. In a new window, select a category.
  4. Press Ok.
Category Settings  
Category and Category Variant 

If you do not set the category, you will not be able to create a planogram. Fixture will be in disabled state in Project Editor.

Click on the Save button to save any changes made in the Store Editor.