Get Started with Planograms and Floor Plans

This manual includes several steps which you need to pass to be able to create your first planogram. You will use this procedure if you want to create not only planograms in Quant but also floor plans which will be integrated with planograms. At the same time, you plan to publish planograms on the web to your stores. In most cases, this procedure is used by retailers.

You can see a list of these steps below. This list serves as a list of content. By clicking on the individual steps, you will be redirected to a specific manual explaining the full procedure.

  1. Importing Products
  2. Import Product Pictures
  3. Create Categories
  4. Create Stores
  5. Uploading a Technical Plan
  6. Creating a Layer Version
  7. Inserting and Setting Fixture
  8. Creating a Project
  9. Creating a Planogram
  10. Publishing a Planogram