Publishing a Planogram

If you already have a planogram ready and want it to appear on the web interface, you need to publish it. Planograms are published in the Project Editor in the Lifecycle tab.

Planograms are usually published as Waiting. This state means that the planogram is ready for implementation. According to it, the store staff has to display the goods by a certain date (Latest Implementation Date).

Publishing a planogram 

Quant Web interface is available for you on a link that you you can find in Quant in menu Help / Quant web or on Dashboard.

Quant Web 

After logging in to the Quant web, the store will see the fixture highlighted in red color. This means that the planogram for this equipment is in the Waiting state, so the store has to implement it. 

Floor plan on Quant Web

Click on the fixture in the floor plan and on the Show Detail button to display the planogram page. As soon as the store staff puts on display the goods according to the planogram, they click on the Confirm button and the planogram changes its status from Waiting to Implemented.

Preview of the planogram on the Quant web

 By publishing, you publish the planogram on the Quant web.