Filling the Planogram with Products

Once the fixture is correctly configured, you can start filling a planogram with products.

In the bottom table in the Category Products tab, the products which belong to the category assigned to this planogram  will be displayed.

Planogram Editor layout

How to insert a product into the planogram? 

Products should be inserted into the planogram template:

  1. Select a product that you want to place into the planogram in the bottom table.
  2. Activate the icon for inserting products into the planogram (keyboard shortcut P).
  3. Click on the place in the template where you want to place the product.

Inserting a product into a planogram 

How to set the number of pieces placed into the planogram?

In the right part of the Planogram Editor in the Component tab, you can edit properties of the inserted product (=block). Here you can set the number of pieces which should be placed into the planogram.



Number of pieces placed into the planogram

 You have to save the planogram by clicking on the Save button.