Importing Product Pictures

For each product, you can import picture in the upper menu Imports / Product pictures.

  1. Name the pictures according to a specific attribute in order to clearly identify the product to which the picture has to be paired. Save the pictures to a folder.
Picture names 
  1. In the new window, click on the Select File button.

  2. In the left panel in the ID Matching Attribute line, set the attribute by which the products are named.

  3. In the left panel, set the Filename Structure property - how the images are named: in this situation it is ID.extension (eg ID.jpg, ID.png).

  4. If necessary, set additional import criteria. In the table below, you can see which images were found to match the specified attribute with the products in Quant. These images will be imported and paired with the products in the database. 

  5. Click on the Import button.

Picture import settings