Setting Fixture for a Planogram

Before creating a planogram, you have to know the measurements of the fixture and its other properties to be able to create a planogram that corresponds to reality.

How to set measurements?

You can set measurements in the right panel of the Planogram Editor in the Segments tab.

Setting of fixture measurements
How to change the number of shelves?

You can add and delete shelves in the preview of the fixture in the Segment tab. 

Setting amount of the shelves
How to add a segment?

In the Planogram Editor, it is possible to draw more planograms next to each other. In the picture below, you can see the buttons via which you can add or duplicate a segment.


Adding a segment 

You can display segments next to each other. It will help you to plan a space for fixtures next to each other. You have to enable this option by Section View button.

How to set a category to a planogram?

You will set a category in the Planogram tab in the right panel. You can also fill in the name of the planogram.

Setting a category to a planogram 

If you don't set a category, you won't see any products in the Category Products tab when creating a planogram.