Reference Photos for Image Recognition

For each displayed product package that we want to be able to recognize, we will need at least 9 photos from specific views.


Prepare for each product 9 photos.

9 views of product 

Photos requirements

The product must:

  • be placed in front of the canvas
  • be in the middle of the photo
  • be entirely on the photo
  • be on the photo alone

The product must not:

  • interfere with the border
  • have another product in the background

We recommend photo size 6 Mpx.

Background requirements

  • The canvas must be a different color than the product color to clearly distinguish the background from the product (white product on green canvas, green product on blue canvas).
  • We prefer green or blue canvas.

Folder structure

The photos need to be structured into folders according to the primary ID or different unique code (e.g. EAN) and the packaging.

Remember to distinguish the different type of product packaging. For example, the product in the box must have its 9 photos and at the same time the same product that is unpacked must have its 9 photos.

Folder structure examples:

We have a product with ID 4567. The product has 2 packages, for example a box and unpacked product without a box. The folder structure will be following.

Example of a product 
Folders with images for 2 packages 

We have a product with ID 1234. The product has only 1 package, for example a box. The folder structure will be following: 

Folder with images for 1 package 

If the product is only in one package (unboxed only), there is no need to create folders representing the package.