Category Hierarchy Import

You can manually import the category hierarchy into Quant. Products can be imported and assigned to individual categories based on the product filter.

You can find the import in the menu: Imports → Category Hierarchy.

 Importing store data allows you to import the category structure, which you can then edit in the Categories → Hierarchy tab.

1. Preparing the file for import

You can create data for import, for example, in an Excel table, which you can import directly.

Each row must contain the entire structure from the highest level to the lowest.

Excel file

2. Import procedure

The basic import procedure is described in the figure below:

Import procedure

3. Criteria specific for importing the hierarchy of categories

  • Number of Levels

Here you need to write how many levels of hierarchy are in the imported file. If this attribute is not set, it would not be possible to match column names in the import settings.

It is necessary to fill in the Number of Levels in the first step. Otherwise, it will not be possible to set the names of column in the Source Preview.

Number of levels
  • Criteria by which you import the properties of the given categories
    • Set CDT Level
    • Category Tag: it pays to fill in a label so that you can filter the whole hierarchy according to this label. This will make the work of mass editing of all categories within one hierarchy easier.
    • Analyze only
    • POS
Setting import attributes

 Above-mentioned attributes that you set when importing data are then reflected in the Categories → Properties tab:

  • Last Level Product Attribute: This criterion serves to fill categories with products, if the category names have been already imported as a properties of individual products. If we set another column in Excel that will correspond to the last level of the hierarchy, you can directly upload products that belong to this level.
Last level product attribute