Product Packaging Import

The packaging attributes of individual products can also be imported into Quant in bulk. Through this import, you can update existing packages already created in Quant or create new products by importing information about the packaging of this product.

You can find the import in the menu: Imports → Product Packages.

This import allows you to import packaging attributes, which can be found in the Products / Packages tab. These are mainly the measurements of the package, EAN, weight, or margins that the package should have around when inserted in the planogram.

1. Preparing the file for import

You can prepare the data that should be imported in Excel file that you can directly import to Quant.

The file must contain the primary product ID or EAN, according to which Quant matches the packaging information with the product. Each row represents one product and each column represents one packaging property.

Excel file

2. Import procedure

The basic import procedure is described in the figure below:

Import procedure

3. Criteria specific to the import of product packages

  • Matching Attribute

Here, select an attribute that will be unique to identify the products. Select Primary Product Id or EAN from the menu.

  • Create New Products

If you are also importing product packages that are not saved in Quant, you must check this attribute.

Create new products
  • Do Not Overwrite Non-zero Measurements

Check this attribute if you have the package dimensions stored in Quant that you want to keep. This does not overwrite the dimensions from the imported file. It will be overwritten only if they are not filled in Quant.

This attribute is especially important when Quant accurately measured dimensions are filled in manually. The attribute ensures that these dimensions are not overwritten even if the dimensions listed in the imported file are, but are not as accurate, for example.

Do not overwrite non-zero dimensions
  • Remove Not Updated Packages

If this attribute is checked, all packages that were not updated during import will be deleted from Quant. At the bottom is the Statistics section, where you can check which packages are involved.

Remove not updated packages 
  • Remove Only Empty Packages

This attribute works in conjunction with the previous attribute. Removes those non updated packages from Quant that are both without names and dimensions.

Remove only empty packages