Shelf Label Editor Tools

Various tools can be used in the Shelf Label Editor to make graphical editing of the shelf label easier. It is also possible to export a preview of the created shelf label types, highlight individual objects or copy one shelf label type to another.

Tools of Shelf Label Editor

This manual introduces additional features to make working with shelf labels easier:

  1. Export shelf label page to PDF.
  2. Undo or redo an action.
  3. Graphical editing of shelf labels.
  4. Copy the entire shelf label from default to action.
  5. Tools of shelf label editor

Export shelf labels to PDF

In Quant, you can export a preview of the created shelf labels to PDF. For this purpose it is useful to have a Product Example and a Store Example set up. A preview of all enabled shelf label types and the back page of the shelf labels are always exported, if the embedded objects are also on the back page.

Export Shelf Labels to PDF

Undo / Redo action

If you want to undo or redo an action, use the Undo/Redo arrows at the top of the Shelf Label Editor.

Graphical editing of individual objects

Functions in the right panel

Within the panel on the right of each object, you can graphically edit these objects. Each object offers different forms of editing that are very intuitive.

Graphic tool in the right part 

Copying shelf label objects

It often happens that the Action shelf label is a copy of the Default Shelf Label and only has some extra parameters set or perhaps a different background. To avoid having to recreate all the variables, you can select all or only some of the attributes in the Default Shelf Label tab and press Ctrl+C (Cmd+C), then go to the Action Shelf Label tab and press Ctrl+V (Cmd+V).

Copy of all shelf label objects 


  • Construction line

If you have several objects on the shelf label that are supposed to be on the same plane, you can use the construction line to align these objects. It is important to keep the Auto Snap tool active at all times.

Construction Line
  • Move
  • Copy
  • Object's Arrangements 
  • Copy
  •  Polar tool 
Polar tool
  •   Snap tool
Snap tool