Shelf Labels on Quant Web

Shelf Label Signs

In all product tables on the website, various symbols are displayed next to the products to represent certain information related to the product. Some symbols relate to shelf labels.

Shelf Label Basket

Users can add any shelf labels to the shelf label basket to create a set of shelf labels for export and printing. This gives the store a free hand in case it needs to reprint shelf labels of some products, e.g. because they have been destroyed or lost.

Automatic Detection of Shelf Labels Changes

The advantage of using shelf labels in Quant is mainly the possibility of using automatic detection of changes in shelf labels. Detection allows the store to generate a printout of shelf labels each day only for products that have changed in price or for which the type of shelf label has changed.

Shelf Labels Exports

This manual explains which shelf label printouts can be exported to PDF and where to find these exports.


If you need to print shelf labels for products that you do not have displayed on your planograms, you need to add these products to your Watchlist. Quant takes into account products that are either displayed on the store's planograms or that the store has added to the watchlist.