Automatic Detection of Shelf Labels Changes

The advantage of using shelf labels in Quant is mainly the possibility of using automatic detection of changes in shelf labels. Detection allows the store to generate a printout of shelf labels each day only for products that have changed in price or for which the type of shelf label has changed.

Quant will prepare a new price list for products where the following two conditions are met:

  • It is a product that appears in a published planogram of the store.
  • It is a product for which there has been a change in price or a change in shelf label type.

New shelf labels appear for stores in the Shelf Labels menu. This menu can be divided into 3 sections:

  • Changed Shelf Labels
  • Prepared Shelf Labels
  • Watchlist
Shelf Labels menu

Changed Shelf Labels

Here you will find shelf labels for products that are changed in price or in a shelf label type. The store has the task to export the shelf labels to PDF. The Changed button exports the shelf labels, which the store has never exported before, to PDF.

Non-exported shelf labels are always highlighted in bold in the table. Once the store has exported the shelf labels, they will no longer be highlighted in bold in the table.

Changed Shelf Labels

After exporting the shelf labels, the store should check if the PDF is OK. If it is, it must confirm in a new window that the export was OK. This way the site will be ready for the next one.

In Čáslav store the price will change for four products. The whole process that should take place is described below:

  1. The store will see a red notification in the menu Shelf Labels / Changed Shelf Labels that 4 shelf labels have changed.
  2. The new shelf label will be highlighted in bold in the Shelf Labels / Changed Shelf Labels menu.
  3. The store will click on the Changed button to download a PDF of those shelf labels.

Changed Shelf Labels
  1. The store will check if the PDF is OK.
  2. The store confirms that the export was successful by clicking on Yes.
Control of the exported PDF 
  1. Shelf labels in the menu will no longer be highlighted in bold and the shelf label menu will no longer show a red notification alerting to changed shelf labels.
After export

Prepared Shelf Labels

This section is only used when you use actions in Quant. For example, it may be products that are listed in next week's flyer and you know they will be discounted in the future. In this case, on the day they are discounted, shelf labels for them would appear in Changed Shelf Labels section. However, if you want to make it easier for the stores, you can publish shelf labels for them a few days before the actual action. There is a Shelf Label Publication Date that can be set on the action for this purpose, which can be set e.g. 2 days before the action starts. The shelf labels will then appear in the Prepared Shelf Labels section on the day shelf labels are published.

Čáslav store has an action scheduled for 7 products from June 4, 2021 to June 18, 2021. We want to publish shelf labels to the store the day before the action starts so that it has time to print and cut them. So we will set the date for publishing the shelf label to June 3, 2021.

  1. On June 3, shelf labels for 7 products will appear in the Prepared Shelf Labels section. 
  2. The Shelf Labels section will be highlighted in red to alert you that the store has new shelf labels.
  3. The 25 new shelf labels will appear in the Prepared Shelf Labels section and will be highlighted in bold.
Prepared Shelf Labels
  1. The store can click on the Changed button to export them all and they will no longer be highlighted.
  2. If the store has not exported the shelf labels, they will move to the Changed Shelf Labels section on April 22, 2021 (the start of the event) and the store will have to download them here.
  3. On April 30, the promotion will cease and product prices will revert back to the original prices set on the products. The shelf labels for all products in the promotion will reappear in the Changed Shelf Labels section so that stores can print the shelf labels that are valid after the promotion ends.