Shelf Labels Exports

This manual explains which shelf label printouts can be exported to PDF and where to find these exports.

  1. Exporting automatically detected shelf labels 
  2. Exporting shelf labels from the basket
  3. Exporting shelf labels to a specific planogram
  4. Exporting shelf labels to all planograms of a specific life cycle state

Automatically detected shelf labels

The most useful option is to export automatically detected shelf labels directly from the Shelf Labels menu. Only shelf labels of products that have changed in price and are also in the planograms of the store or are in the list of monitored shelf labels appear in the menu.

The store can print different printouts. In fact, different buttons can be displayed in the menu and it is up to you which ones you want to show to the store. Contact Quant support to set up the buttons on the site.

Buttons available:

  • Changed - downloads any previously unexported shelf labels
  • Changed from - downloads any shelf labels not yet exported from the date set
  • Changed on - downloads all unexported shelf labels from the set date
  • All - downloads all shelf labels that are in the menu
  • Marked - downloads all marked shelf labels
  • Whole Store - downloads shelf labels for all products that are on the planograms of the given store
Buttons for export of shelf labels

The buttons mentioned above are only basic variants. However, 5 different variants can be displayed for each button e.g. Changed, Changed Standard, Changed Action, Changed Club, Changed Action & Club. The different buttons for different types of shelf labels are particularly useful when you are printing e.g. a promotional shelf label on a different colour paper than the standard one. Then the store has the option to export separate PDFs for the standard and special shelf labels and print them on different papers.

Shelf Label basket

A store can create their own set of shelf labels that they need to print using the user shelf label basket. The shelf label basket can be especially useful in situations where some of the shelf labels in a store are damaged and new ones need to be printed without making any changes to them.

In the Shelf Label Basket you can display the same buttons as in the Shelf Label menu (described above).

Shelf Label Basket

Shelf Labels for the planogram

Another option is to export a PDF with shelf labels for the selected planogram. Next to the preview of each planogram there is an option to download shelf labels for the planogram.

You can export shelf labels by clicking on the Prepared Shelf Labels, Waiting Shelf Labels or Implemented Shelf Labels button, depending on the lifecycle state of the planogram.

Shelf Labels for planograms

Shelf labels for products in all planograms

The Quant website allows you to print shelf labels for all products that are e.g. on all implemented planograms. You must go to the Planograms menu and view the planogram table of the selected life cycle state (e.g. Implemented). 

This option can be used especially when opening a new store in a situation where the store needs to print new shelf labels for all products.

All Implemented Shelf Labels