Planogram Confirmation

Confirmation of planogram implementation by the store is a crucial step in the planogram implementation process. As soon as the store issues the goods according to the planogram you have created, it informs you by confirming the planogram. It is up to you whether you want the store to upload an implementation photo when confirming the planogram.

If the store logs in to the Quant website, it will see the fixture for which it must change its display. These fixtures are highlighted in red in the floor plan. These are the fixtures whose planograms are waiting.

Highlighted fixture

How to confirm the implementation of the planogram?

The planogram can be confirmed by the store staff by using the Confirm button in the toolbar. The store staff confirms the implementation of the planogram as soon as they display the goods according to the waiting planogram (planogram on the left in the picture).

  1. The store clicks on the Confirm button in the toolbar.
  2. Optionally, you can require the store office to upload an implementation photo. If the store has to upload a photo, it clicks on the camera image.
  3. The store clicks on the Confirm button.
Confirming planogram

 After clicking on the Confirm button, the planogram changes its state from the state waiting for the state implemented. Only a preview of one planogram that has been confirmed by the store is displayed. If the store has uploaded a photo of the implementation, it will appear on the right of the planogram. You can compare the implemented planogram with the uploaded photo and find out whether the dosplay in the store is correct.

Preview of the floor plan for planogram confirmation

After confirming the implementation of the planogram, the fixture will no longer be displayed in red in the floor plan because the store staff has already implemented all the necessary changes.

Preview of the floor plan for planogram confirmation

You can review and approve the planogram implementation. You can let the store know that the implementation went well by clicking on the Approve button.

Confirming implementation

If the store goes to the Planograms / Implemented section, it can monitor which planograms the headquarters has already checked and approved in the Implementation Approved.

Preview of planograms