“Using Quant helps us e.g. to win new business by visualising 3D store presentations, give advice in alternative presentations styles and communicate how / where POS-material is placed. In relationship to some of our customers we increased trust and improved collaboration by sharing planogram updates through log in, one year after using pdf’s through intranet. The insights from there were of immediate benefit to all.”

Jan Teuben
Space Management | Business Intelligence

Customer Story

Mconomy, a full service distributor in Telecom accessories, hired me to start up space management services to increase their full service concept. Their strength already laid in partnering up with retailers at store level detail using sales and stock data for auto-replenishment. The product categories are vast and quick changing product ranges in which time to market and minimal returns and write-off is crucial. This caused that planogramming by store level detail would have to be met. After working with “the known space planning tools” almost twenty years at manufacturers’ side in FMCG and CE, I knew that it would be a laborious and expensive project.

Quant quickly showed that their different approach to software coding / development took away a lot the my concerns that I had. Also their promise to develop 3D visualisation showed their willingness and eagerness to learn from and improve towards each other.

At a Glance

  • Customer since 2014
  • Full service distributor in the Telecom channel in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Facilitates more than 93 brands

Favourite Feature

Performance reports based on clustered store groups and their sell-through and stock data


  • Winning new business by visualising 3D store presentations